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To become a company that provides quality services and quality worthy of the best in the industry.

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Company History

OP BROTHERS SDN BHD  is a Bumiputera company fully registered under the Business Registration Act 1995 which started operating in 2018. OP BROTHERS SDN BHD has two (02) main shareholders who have experience in various fields.

At the beginning of the company's operation, the company's activities only focused on business in the transport and logistics sector with only 3 management staff and two (02) trucks as assets. After several years of business operation, the company OP BROTHERS SDN BHD got the opportunity to work with the company MELANGKING OIL PALM PLANTATION SDN BHD in a 2 (two) Year Farm Maintenance contract.

During the execution of the contract with MELANGKING OIL PALM SDN BHD, OP BROTHERS SDN BHD gained experience in the plantation sector and expanded the business by adding assets such as Excavators and Bulldozers for the needs of plantation works in addition to providing employment opportunities to the people of Sabah. This company aspires to be an example to new companies.

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What Make Us Special

Our strength and advantage make us different from our competitors that meets all our customers demand.

Honestly Execute Responsibility

Complaince and Regulation Laws

Respect for Individuals and Communities

Importance of Invironmental Protection

Importance , Security, Healty, and Welfare

Importance Quality, Skills, and Standards

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Our Service

1. Crane Rental Services

We carry out transport activities and move heavy objects to another place. Therefore, we use crane lorry machinery to make it easier for us to carry out this activity.

2. Heavy Machinery Rental

OP Brothers SDN BHD provides services and rental machinery involving Excavator and Tractors.

3. Replanting & Maintenance

OP Brothers SDN BHD provides replanting and maintenance services where we help maintain land areas or repair land structures.

4. Petroleum Logistic Services

OP Brothers SDN BHD started its business in the field of logistics and transportation. We started with petroleum oil delivery services using tank lorry.

5. Drone Mapping Services

We offer a comprehensive Drone Mapping Service tailored to meet the needs. Using cutting-edge technology, we capture high-resolution aerial imagery and data to create detailed maps for a variety of applications.

6. Dealer Petroleum (PETRONAS)

We are a distributor of PETRONAS petroleum products, offering high quality fuel and lubricants to meet the various needs of our customers.

7. Goverment Contract (PMS)

OP Brothers SDN BHD also provides and delivers services involving various government sectors as per our licensing.