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Company History

OP BROTHERS SDN BHD was established on 8th February 2018. Before its incorporation as a private limited company, OP BROTHERS had operated as the sole proprietorship, SYARIKAT SS PETROMAJU, which was registered on 5th May 2015. The company was founded around the transportation of petroleum. The company’s expertise in logistics and transportation are the elements the business used to grow its operations while also taking on all available opportunities to realise its mission to excel in all industry sectors.

OP BROTHERS SDN BHD is fully owned by Sabah Bumiputera natives. The business began in Sandakan, Sabah, and today owns three branches that include Kota Kinabalu and Tawau. The company holds a PDA 3 certification from the KPDNKKHEP to transport petroleum. In addition, OP BROTHERS SDN BHD is certified by the CIDB (G3), Sijil Perolehan Kerja Kerajaan (SPKK), Sabah Malaysia Treasury (PMS), Sijil Akaun Pendaftaran Bumiputera, Pukonsa Service & Supplier License, as well as the Pukonsa Class E Contractor License provided by the government of Sabah.

In 2015, OP BROTHERS SDN BHD began focusing on business logistics and transportation operations with a crew of four equipped with two lorries. The company is committed to providing the best services with its employees trained in a range of specialisations. As many as 30 employees are in charge of heavy machinery capable of rapid, high-quality services.

OP BROTHERS SDN BHD aspires to be competitive in all business sectors and provide a range of opportunities to develop a diligent and highly skilled society. OP BROTHERS also aspires to be a company for Bumiputeras and serve as an example for other companies seeking to emulate the success of those that came before.